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Waiting for the "Dodger Man", São Paulo delivers good reinforcements to Ceni

Waiting for the “Dodger Man”, São Paulo delivers good reinforcements to Ceni

Sao Paulo made it back again last Monday. The signings the club have made so far have had a clear objective: to give Rogerio Ceni a variety of tactical options to round out this season’s game, with a more vertical profile and less possession in relation to the 2021 squad.

In defense, the lineup is closed. The pair Arboleda/Miranda is untouchable and Rafinha starts, likely with Rinaldo on the left. Leo, Diego Costa, Igor Vinicius and Wellington will all be substitutes, and the club is still looking for another “chance” for the team’s defender, which should be Lucas Ribeiro, from Hoffenheim.

In the defensive half and off the ball, Patrick must play alongside Luanne. Although he doesn’t get a little bit of an attack, the former Colorado has a great pass and will give safety in front of the defenders. Gabriel Neves remains as an option for both, being able to get the title in case of Luan sale, injuries or natural merit. The club is still looking for another midfielder for the season, which should be the return of Chih-Chi, as the midfielder will not have another destination after the loan with Gallo.

On the right-hand side, it seems clear to me that Rafinha and Nicao have been contracted to bring a vitality that was not in the sector in 2021. Opening the lane to the side. Veteran Rafinha still manages to get quality to the back and has a good cross. The duo propose unprecedented repertoire compared to last year and it’s the best news so far.

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On the left side, midfielder Gabriel Sarah will be able to fill the field with the support of Patrick. The highlight of the past year and the hope of selling in this next window, the boy has the ability to cut to the middle (the sickle) as well as to open the field and look for a cross in the area. He doesn’t have short dribbling but he is very disciplined and produces well on the open field.

The attack will have Luciano with Calleri, in a 4-4-2 foul. That’s because Luciano is different from the Argentine and has a good performance behind the man in front, opening up spaces in the middle of the field and finishing the match inside the penalty area. The arrival of reinforcements in some way benefits Luciano’s game, with the change of location and line progression.

In my squad, Rigoni wasn’t a regular starter for one reason: the way he finished last season. From a lightning start, the Argentine’s production waned and contributed little to the end of the year. I think this is due to the fact that Rigoni came without pre-season, which led to the extension of the end of the Spanish season with the already turbulent Brazilian season. I flipped the wire.

Despite ending the season on a low, You can’t despise Rigoni. The attacking midfielder is responsible for many assists and very important goals for the club in 2021 and I am sure we will have a good fight for the title. As skilled, the Argentine is able to fight for a place with Sarah on the left, Luciano in the middle and even Nicao on the right. Not to mention, Ceni would also be able to climb Sao Paulo without a consistent striker in many opportunities.

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Rigoni, Luciano, Calleri, Nicao and Gabrielle Sarah. There are now five novices for four attack/middle points in the 4-4-2 False so far. I confirm that a player with speed and dribbling characteristics is still missing, but with what we have so far, we can already consider several formations and game situations that include new staff, including Alisson, who, due to the extensive heat map of 2021, is able to enter Matches and keep a good intensity to play.

Technically, I rate the Football Council’s work as “very good” so far. He has hired seasoned athletes with an interesting tactical understanding to fill in the various gaps that were glued to the attack last year. With proper planning and a lot of training, I believe we will be able to raise our level and dream of playing Bicampeonato Paulista or one of the cups that will be played, as well as not repeating the disastrous campaign in Brazil last.

Still waiting for the “dodgy guy”, whoever he is.

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