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Wagner throws indirectly with Flamingo and does not skimp: "Just look at our navel"

Wagner throws indirectly with Flamingo and does not skimp: “Just look at our navel”

President Supreme Court of Sports Justice for Football (STJD), Ottavio Noronha, was issued, last Wednesday afternoon (4), the injunction he requested flamingoWho requested the release of the audience in the matches as the manager. The decision, of course, caused quite a stir in some clubs.

Wagner, do the brutal Corinthians, approached the subject and did not hide his revolution. According to the player, the decision was made early and had to be reconsidered.

“It should be a joint decision, all the clubs, so that everyone can, in an equal way, have a condition. But we know that this does not happen often. Due to Brazilian culture, we often only look at our own navel, and only consider our own interest. If it is That’s fine for me, that’s fine. If it’s not, I’ll get out.”He said at a press conference.

Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF

NS flamingo It was the first team to play with an audience since the last final Editors, Enter Palm trees NS Santos. In a 3-0 win over defense and justiceMais Querido took 5,518 people to the stadium Manny Garrincha, in a Brasil.

“This has to be rethought. We know that if we had our fans at home, many matches could be different, but these are things that are beyond our control. We have to know and realize the moment the world is in. I think it should be the same for everyone.”, Done Wagner.

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