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Vtor Pereira steps back and makes a statement about the fear of segregation in Corinthians

Vtor Pereira steps back and makes a statement about the fear of segregation in Corinthians

Coach Vitor Pereira announced, on Sunday, the withdrawal of a controversial statement in a press conference last Saturday, after Corinthians lost to Palmeiras. On this occasion, the The coach even cited his bank account to rule out a possible fear of being expelled from Parque São Jorge.

In an interview with the Portuguese newspaper “the ball”, Vitter Pereira linked the statement to the tension that struck the Corinthians’ setback in the classic. The coach assumed that he did not express himself in the best possible way.

“In fact, I did not express myself in the best way, my reaction was hot, nervous, impatient, after a defeat that was unfair to me, but in the end it is football. (…) What I meant, and perhaps not expressed in the best way, is that I did not go to Corinth for money because, thank God, work and luck“I have been building my career without being driven by money,” said the Corinthians coach.

The coach also confirmed that he is fully focused on his work at Corinthians. Still in the statement that he considered unhappy, he said he was moved by what the club represented to the fans and reiterated that he came from humble origins.

I came to Corinth out of passion and I am with body and soul in Corinth and I clearly understand the meaning of the lives of these Corinthian admirersamong those people, who work, who suffer and who often spend money, do not have to go to the playing field”, VP noted.

“I also come from a humble background, and I know what the difficulties are, so I did not want to say that in the sense that I was giving. What I wanted to say is that in football I am not afraid of expulsion because thank God I am an independent person because life has allowed me to build it without depending on anyone, that phase of my career from fear of expulsion is long. time is gone. I will be body and soul, with passion, in this club for as long as Corinthians want“, Been completed.

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