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Vodafone partners with Amazon to launch ‘Edge Computing’ in the UK

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Vodafone on Wednesday said it has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch “Edge Computing” services for its business customers in the UK.

“Edge computing” uses magnified reality and machine learning to analyze most of the data it collects – either on a factory site, in an oil rig or in an office space – before moving it to remote servers in the cloud. In order to work, it requires the kind of data exchanges that 5G provides.

This publication follows Vodafone’s testing with companies in various fields, including sports technology, autonomous transportation, biometric security, remote virtual reality and industrial automation.

Vodafone, under optimal conditions, the delay – the time it takes for data to travel between two points – can be as short as 10 milliseconds, compared to the average 75 milliseconds for 4G.

“This is a combination that no other service provider in Europe can offer (Edge Compute and 5G), which means we can offer our customers something unique,” said Vodafone UK Business Director Anne Sheehan.

The company will initially provide low-end “edge computing” services to customers in and around London, as well as cities and towns including Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol and Cardiff.

Customers in the Scottish and North England regions will receive the service by 2022. AWS has “margin” services in 10 cities in Tokyo, Daejeon, South Korea and the United States.

(Ripportem de cupanta Mukherjee)

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