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Vitória x Botafogo: places to watch, teams, embezzlement and arbitration

Vitória x Botafogo: places to watch, teams, embezzlement and arbitration

deputy leader B . seriesOh Botafogo He has another decision to look for access this Wednesday before win over9:30 p.m. in Paradao, Salvador, for the 27th round. A victory will be necessary for Glorioso to continue a little fat inside the G-4.

And pressed the results of the round on Botafogo. direct opponents, CRB NS Hawaii win play Goiás from G-4. The gap to fifth, which was four points at the start of the round, is now just two points. But it could rise to five in the event of a win in Salvador.

At the same time, Botafogo can rely more on the leader Curitiba, who stumbled in the round when he tied at home with trust. If they defeat Vitoria, Glorioso stands behind the table pointer by just three chicks and opens three chicks for CRB, third.

With only two days to break and a trip in between, Botafogo will have no defender Carly and side Raphael, retained for the weekend match against Avaí. Kano Returns to defense after serving a suspension. Warley It also becomes available again and you can enter the introduction instead of Marco Antonio.

Botafogo embezzlement

cut, cannons Joel Carly And the right back Raphael He did not travel to Salvador. Steering wheel cake It is also embezzlement accompanied by muscle discomfort. Continue Kitten FernandezAnd HugoAnd Romildo NS Ronald (all in transition), plus Pedro Castro (Right calf injury).

Hanging from Botafogo

The goalkeeper has two yellow cards. Diego Loreiro and the attacker Diego Gonçalves. If they get a card on Wednesday, Botafogo will be embezzled in the match against Avai, on Saturday, at 7pm, at Nelton Santos Stadium.

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opponent – victory

In a crisis, with the president absent, salaries late and drowning in the relegation zone, Vitoria will not be available Marino, presented by Botafogo, and Fernando NetBoth are suspended. On the other hand, Bruno Oliveira NS Joao Pedro Return after suspension of service and Sergio Mota, recovered from injury, also available.

return confrontation

Vitoria and Botafogo have faced each other 44 times, and the advantage is due to Bahín: 17 wins, 13 draws and 14 victories from Alfinegro. Vitoria scored 66 goals and Botafogo 60 goals. And in the first round in Volta Redonda Burner beat 1 to 0.

Where to see Vitória x Botafogo

Vitória x Botafogo will be broadcast via the channel only the first showThere is no system Pay per view. Natalia Lara Troy, with comments from Paulo Vinicius Coelho, PVC, NS Petkovic.


game whistle Vinicius Gonçalves Dias AraujoAssisted by Evandro de Mello Lima and Luiz Alberto Andreni Nogueira, all from the São Paulo Federation. NS where It will be led by Rodrigo Garrizo Ferreira do Amaral (FIFA) and assisted by Adriano de Assis Miranda, both also from São Paulo.

data sheet
Victory X Botafogo

Stadium: Paradaw
date and time: 09/29/2021 – 21h30
Rule: Vinicius Gonçalves Dias Araujo (SP)
Auxiliaries: Evandro de Melo Lima (SP) and Luiz Alberto Andrini Nogueira (SP)
where: Rodrigo Garrizo Ferreira do Amaral (FIFA/SP Club)
the tickets: closed gates
Where to watch: the first show

win over: Lucas Archangel Raul Prata Wallace, Mateus Moraes and Roberto; Joao Pedro, Guilherme Rend and Pablo Celes; Kaik Souza, Samuel and David – Coach: Wagner Lopez.

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Botafogo: Diego Loreiro; Daniel Borges, Cano, Gilvan, and Carlinhos; Barreto, Luis, Yama, and Chai; Marco Antonio, Rafael Navarro and Diego Gonçalves – Coach: Anderson Moreira.