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Vitamin B6 helps reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety

Vitamin B6 helps reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety

One study Published this month of July indicated that supplementation Vitamin B6 It can reduce anxiety and depression. The work has been published in the English journal Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical & Experimental. If you suffer from these problems Psychological health Or if you are just interested in the topic, check out the main findings and learn how this vitamin can be beneficial.

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Pyridoxine supplements may reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety

Vitamin B6, or pyridoxine, is a B-complex vitamin commonly found in plant foods such as bananas and whole grains. As the main functions, it acts in the process of absorption of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and plays an important role in the functioning of the nervous system.

A group of researchers decided to study the effect of vitamin B6 supplementation on young people in the UK who suffer from depression and anxiety, due to its role in brain function.

In summary, the work examined the effects of vitamin B6 or B12 supplementation, compared to a placebo (a substance that has no effect on the body) over a period of one month. In all, 478 young adults participated in the study.

The main results of the work

Vitamin B6 supplementation has been associated with reduced subjective anxiety and led to a trend toward reduced depression. In addition, vitamin B12 supplementation produced trends for changes in anxiety and visual processing.

As a final consideration, the authors explained that the results of the work indicate that vitamin B6 supplementation increases the activity of GABA, a neurotransmitter that depresses the central nervous system, thus producing feelings of relaxation and calm.

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Need more research

The authors stressed that more research is needed to identify other dietary measures that may stimulate mental health. In this way, different nutritional interventions can be combined in the future to provide better results.

Although there isn’t enough data to recommend vitamin B6 and B12 supplements to treat mental health issues, you can and should get these vitamins from your diet daily.

So make sure to eat fruit, oats and brown rice, but in return, eat moderate amounts (twice a week) of red meat, because although it is the main source of vitamin B12 in the diet, it is a type of meat associated with cardiovascular disease.