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Vitamin A improves the vision of women suspected of having glaucoma

Vitamin A improves the vision of women suspected of having glaucoma

It is normal for the body to change over the years. Most of them are related to a decrease in vitamins and minerals present in the body. This is the case of the Haitian girl who took advantage of Vitamin A benefits and improve vision problem.

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The 34-year-old, born in Haiti, complained of painful dry eyes and a poor field of vision. Once at the ophthalmologist, she was diagnosed with glaucoma, an incurable disease that compresses the optic nerve and causes progressive loss of vision. Find out more as you read in!

Night blindness was caused by a vitamin A deficiency

Because she could not see perfectly at night due to low light, the young woman was diagnosed with night blindness. In addition, the young woman’s eyeball was compromised, with what appeared to be a piece of material floating in the young woman’s vision.

After counseling, with a medical diagnosis, the young woman started medication. It took more than 1 year and 6 months, without any positive result or improvement in the girl’s vision.

But after that time, doctors discovered that the condition responsible for the girl’s blindness is vitamin A deficiency, because vitamin A deficiency causes dry eyes and night blindness, because night vision needs vitamin A to function perfectly. .

CT scan helps with the result

Because of the persistence of symptoms, the woman underwent a CT scan, did not show signs of glaucoma and showed symptoms similar to a lack of vitamin A in the body. Just 11 days after starting treatment, the Haitian woman’s vision improved.

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After repeatedly introducing vitamin A supplements over five months, the 34-year-old’s eyesight was completely renewed.

Therefore, to prevent this kind of situation from happening, it is good to be aware of foods rich in Vitamin A, such as fish, liver, carrots, spinach, cabbage, sweet potatoes, broccoli, mango, pumpkin, and dairy products.