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Viracopos, in Campinas, 57 flights canceled after layoffs for medical reasons

Viracopos, in Campinas, 57 flights canceled after layoffs for medical reasons

Passengers have reported inconvenience due to canceled flights (Photo: Jonatan Morel/EPTV Campinas)

Viracopos International Airport, in Campinas, has canceled 57 flights after an increase in medical layoffs for crew members Between yesterday (6) and Friday morning (7). The updated balance was released today by the company.

total no, Yesterday 24 flights were cancelled. There were 12 people arriving and 12 departing, all from Azul Airlines. This Friday, so far, 33 flights have been cancelled. There were 16 arrivals and 17 departures canceled

Because of the situation, the Passengers have reported inconvenience and many are at the station looking for a solution. One of them is the geographer Gabriel Brito da Rocha, who was going yesterday with two other people to Recife, and later to Fortaleza.

“The flight was scheduled for 10pm yesterday and we got an email at 7:15pm that the flight had changed from Congonhas to Campinas. We were unable to come due to the weather so we went to Congonhas to solve the problem and they offered us several flight options. We paid the transportation costs From Congonhas to Campinas and the hotel. Now we have this flight at 1:15 p.m. It was all last minute,” he said.

On the issue, Azul reported that “for operational reasons, some of its flights have been rescheduled for the month of January”.

A plaque with canceled flights in Viracopos (Photo: Ricardo Custudio/EPTV Campinas)

The company also indicated that it recorded an increase in the number of medical layoffs among its staff. But he did not directly link the cancellations in Viracopos to confirmations of coronavirus or flu outbreaks.

The airline confirmed, in a statement, that affected customers are notified of the changes, re-accommodated on other flights of the same company and receive all necessary assistance.

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