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Vinazi says Corinthians were "determined" to fall in 2007

Vinazi says Corinthians were “determined” to fall in 2007

The former striker Vinazi commented on the crucial matches in the 2007 Brazil Championship, which determined Corinthians’ relegation to the second division. The retired player said the fall did fate and that even his presence in the last two games could have saved the team.

“I’m sure it’s not. I have a different viewpoint than most people because I lived that year. I think Corinthians should have fallen that year. It’s hard for me to say this, but I prefer to express myself this way. The yellow card took me out of the match against Vasco and then I made a hand gesture and they took me out of the match against Gremio. In the match against Vasco, Corinthians created many chances. I was having a very good moment and I think I could have scored goals and we could have won. but I do not know. I think I was determined to fall. “Goiás will not be favored on any other occasion,” Finazzi said, in an interview with Band Sports.

Until the 35th round of that Brazilian league, Vinazi was Timao’s top scorer with 12 goals. At 36, he faced Alvinegra Goiás, a direct competitor in the fight against relegation. In addition to the 1-1 draw, which did not decide anyone’s life, the striker received his third yellow card, which took him out of his next appointment, against Vasco.

If that wasn’t enough, Finazzi left the field and made a rustling signal with his hands, complaining about the referee’s attitude. STJD judged the player and applied another hook, knocking him out of Corinthians’ last two matches in the tournament.

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Timão later lost the match to Vasco, 1-0, and tied with Grêmio 1-1, results that relegated the team for the first time in history.

Goiás’ preference, cited by Finazzi, refers to the controversy surrounding the team’s last game in Brazil. In the last round, against Internacional, two penalty kicks were reversed by Goiás by refereeing. After wasting two goals, the third was converted and saved the team from relegation.

“I fought a lot to get to a club like Corinthians, and I ended up getting into a bad stage. I was a bit affected, and there are people who associate Vinazzi with relegation. But I know what I did. I even tell people to see who is Corinthians’ top scorer in history with use. I’ve had the opportunity. 20 chances and I scored 16 goals. I think I am among the best in terms of use”, added Vinazi.

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