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Villa Velha hosts Unimed PG Half Marathon |  the network

Villa Velha hosts Unimed PG Half Marathon | the network

The cooperative has resumed the traditional sports event, this time in the middle of nature, to promote health through physical activity

Last Sunday (13) Unimed Ponta Grossa promoted the Feel Vila Velha race, at Parque Vila Velha.

With 5 km, 12 km and half marathon (21 km) courses, around 900 athletes traveled through the park’s structure to promote health through outdoor exercise.

According to Eduardo Basilla de Sousa, CEO of Unimed Ponta Grossa, the event gave the opportunity to appreciate the local natural beauty and provide a privileged experience to the residents of Ponta Grossa, the Campos Gerais region and other cities in Paraná.

“We could see in the reaction on each participant’s face the joy of getting close to nature, celebrating health, promoting well-being and safety and respecting sanitary rules. I have no doubt that Unimed Ponta Grossa and Parque Vila Velha have become larger and more representative in people’s lives as a result of this event ” .

With the tradition of nightly competitions, the medical cooperative has resumed sporting events with a different proposal: to encourage physical activity along with new environmental strategies, and to strengthen the partnership between the cooperative and the park.

“This race has a very special flavor for us, firstly because it is in Parque Vila Velha, a place where nature surprises us with all its beauty. Secondly, because it is the first half of the marathon promoted by UNIMED Ponta Grossa. After 3 years without racing events, we witnessed beautiful moments of victory. and joy to the athletes,” said Sandry Anderson, Director of Marketing and Communications.

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The start took place at 7 am, but even before sunrise, the athletes reached the park, which had an arena designated for this event. A podium, recovery space, photo board, shepherds’ tents, and the entire visitor center available for dispersal and accommodation for runners were part of the structure.

Even with challenging courses, with climbs and changes in the ground (asphalt/cobblestone), runners were able to experience the natural beauty of the park. The weather also helped. A sunny Sunday allowed the athletes to enjoy more attractions along the way, such as Arenitos, Furnas and Lagoa Dourada.

Roberto Rodriguez Oliveira, 44, a runner of more than 20 years, climbed to the highest place on the podium among the men who have run the half marathon. According to him, participating in the race was a way to envision new challenges as an athlete.

“I took some time off and came back to work three years ago. I am preparing for a marathon and the race is already set up. It was a challenging race, a heavy track, but the environment is attractive, it is a different race. The feeling of accomplishing another task and achieving another goal and the joy of crossing a line the end “.

Recovery and new habits

After undergoing surgery, stylist Simon Correa, 36, had to change his habits, among which, he included running in his new lifestyle. He chose 5 kilometers from Cinta Vila Velha to participate for the first time in the competitions.

“Being able to apply everything I have dedicated myself to training in a very well organized and welcoming event for the athletes, was an amazing amazing experience of my life. The scenery was beautiful, being able to run around nature with a beautiful sunrise was something inexplicable. I am so proud of this guy here A race with a tremendous feeling of gratitude for all my life changes with new habits, being able to participate was a great victory.”

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For systems analyst Aline Guimarães, 32, closing the testing gap at Vila Velha was nostalgic and inspiring. “It was fantastic. After so long without participating in the race, the energy and feeling it brought was great. Running in the middle of nature, in addition to providing a beautiful view of the landscape, allows us to hear the sounds of the run and really feel all the sensations it brings us.”

One of the novelties of the Unimed race in this version was the inclusion of a children’s race, allowing to encourage physical activity for children athletes and also with the aim of providing a leisure moment with the family. “We believe that exercise, especially running, has a transformative power in the physical and mental health of the exercisers. The Feel Vila Velha race has brought many smiles, flexibility and health to everyone and we are proud to have promoted this event,” confirms Sandri Anderson.

Caring for the environment

If this ratio occurs, care goes beyond the athletes and physique. Environmental responsibility was also one of the factors that the organization prioritized. In partnership with Kapersul Waste Management (KWM), all waste generated from the event was 100% dedicated to recycling and co-processing, without being sent to landfills. And all materials visually connecting to the square, such as the giant tarpaulin, for example, were also intended for recycling.

In addition to the partnership with KWM, the event was also sponsored by the cooperatives Sicredi Campos Gerais, Capal, Seguros Unimed, Medilar, Colégio Marista, Hospital Geral Unimed, Laboratório Unimed, Rádio Jovem Pan and Hotel Planalto Select. The organization was carried out by Global Vita Sports.

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