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Viih Tube's friend defends it after the feud game

Viih Tube’s friend defends it after the feud game

After the feud game “BBB 21” (TV Globo) tonight, Viih Tube’s friend, Bruno Magri, used the stories from his Instagram profile to defend his sister. In the dynamics, the participants had to assemble the podiums again.

Viih Tube chose Thaís for second place and Juliet for third. Bruno saw his girlfriend being attacked by some netizens, who described her as fake for putting Juliet on the podium after he talked badly about her with Ty almost every day.

Then the young man made his opinion:

“Everyone has an opinion […] For me, in today’s game, I think the production was intended to not put Victoria Juliet on the catwalk. I think Brazil wanted to tax Victoria. Only Victoria was surprised and put Juliet on the catwalk. And then if Victoria did not put her in prison, Brazil would slaughter her and call her a fake. And by putting it on, they’ll keep calling it false. After that, this is the tricky thing, you will never be satisfied, “he said, commenting on the video with the phrase,” And they will never be satisfied. “

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