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Foto: (Reprodução/TV Senado)

Video: The Indonesian submarine crew who smashed it recorded the music of “Goodbye” to the Leader | Scientist

The video was shot aboard the KRI Nanggala – 402 and the crew is shown singing “Sampai Jumpa”, a popular Indonesian song whose name means “Goodbye”. (See the video above).

The song was for submarine captain Heri OctavianWho is with the group. “I’m not ready to miss you, I’m not ready to leave you,” they sing in the chorus. “I wish you the best”.

Octavian is close to the sailor who plays the guitar. His replacement took office in early MarchIndonesian Armed Forces spokesman Djwara Wembo said.

An archive photo of the Indonesian Navy submarine that disappeared on Wednesday (21) in Bali. – Photo: Bulletin / Indonesian Army / AFP

The submarine has disappeared

The submarine, one of five in the Indonesian fleet, disappeared on Wednesday (21) while preparing to participate in military exercises.

On Sunday (25) the country’s Armed Forces announced that The submarine is found divided into three parts, More than 800 meters deep, and that his entire crew is dead.

Indonesia finds a submarine divided into three parts on the sea floor

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