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Video: "Roscosmos" shows ground tests of the "science" module of the International Space Station

Video: “Roscosmos” shows ground tests of the “science” module of the International Space Station

Roscosmos State Corporation talked about the progress of testing the “science” multifunctional laboratory unit (MLM), which is planned to be included in the Russian part of the International Space Station (ISS).

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Currently, the Baikonur space base is in the process of finalizing the MLM control tests. In particular, the unit is filled with a mixture of helium air gas and is placed in the VK-1723MR camera for pneumatic tests that will last for an entire month. During this period, specialists will carefully check body tensioners, gates and coupling units, as well as operating air veins and external hydraulic circuits.

After performing the specified work, the installation of the radiator panels and the replenishment of the temperature system circuit will begin. In addition, the final installation of the European ERA manipulator will be completed.

Other work as part of the new ISS unit launch program includes installing solar panels, placing the delivered goods and controlling the weighing unit, assembling the cosmic head, feeding fuel components to the fuel component and general assembly of the missile.

Below you can watch a video showing the tests for MLM and MLM at Baikonur Cosmodrome:

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