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Video: Crowd turns street into mine in downtown Colombia after rumors of gold | world

Crowd turns the street into a mine in downtown Colombia after rumors of gold

Residents of Zaragoza, Colombia, have invaded a sewage project in the middle of the metropolitan area and turned it into an improvised mine. the reason: Rumor has it that there will be gold in the place.

Videos circulated on social media of a crowd of people rummaging through the street, carrying bags of dirt, and searching for the precious metal in the water. (see in the video above)

According to the local press, the rumor started when someone said he had found the gold working in the municipal sewage system on Bolivar Street, a place usually reserved for commerce.

Colombian website Caracol Notícias said that within minutes hundreds of people took to the street hoping to find some minerals.

The municipal authorities do not have much to do, said the newspaper “El Colombiano”, just wait Urban miners to leave the place, so that they can finish the public work. Street commerce has remained closed since Monday (13).

According to local radio station Blu Radio, Bolívar Street State is unknown Because some residents continue to mine the place.

I’m not sure if anyone has actually found it gold Until the last update of this report.

The crowd turns the street into a mine in the middle of a Colombian city after rumors of gold – Image: Reproduction / Social Networks