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VIDEO: City's most beautiful band sings in honor of SUS specialists receiving Covid vaccine, in Curitiba |  Parana

VIDEO: City’s most beautiful band sings in honor of SUS specialists receiving Covid vaccine, in Curitiba | Parana

The emotion of receiving a Covid-19 vaccine has finally taken on the melody and singing of Curitiba.

In honor of the professionals working for the Unified Health System (SUS), Banda Mais members sang Bonita da Cidade and their nurse friends while waiting to receive their first dose in the city, at second (2). See, in the video above, the tribute.

According to Leo Fressato, one of the group’s members, the initiative was intended to provide recognition to professionals who often do not have the prestige they deserve.

“The idea was to send a message about the political matters we disagree with, celebrate our vaccine and thank the professionals at SUS who have been saving our skin for over a year. We wanted to warm the hearts of those hard-working people who are often not appreciated by their residents or their political administration, without the recognition that They deserve it at this difficult time.”

Liu also told that the idea came from a friend, Lola Lombardi, who sent a message playing with the song “Prayer” for the word “vaccination.”

Excited, Curitibano called Uyara Torrente, the band’s vocalist, and suggested a parody on the group’s companion.

Coincidentally, the two were called to receive the vaccine on the same day and sought the same Basic Health Unit (UBS), in the parish.

There he gave voice to Uyara and also to his friends Vívian Schimtz and Igor Ribeiro.

“It turns out we have other friends of the same age who go to the same place, so I sent a message with the lyrics and told us to create a choir. The initial idea was to sing outside, but luckily they all joined UPS at the same time and we saw that was the moment. “.

The musician said that while still on the spot, the work filled the place with passion. According to Leo, some of the pros stopped for a minute to watch the song and many of them moved on, even shedding tears.

In addition to honoring the SUS nurses, Curitiba residents have also used art to demonstrate against President Jair Bolsonaro.

Cansao was a way for the band to honor health professionals – Photo: Procreation / Eduardo Sim .es

See below, another tribute record, through music, to health professionals in the pandemic, in Piauí.

The nurse plays guitar and sings in honor of health professionals