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Video |  Carmo’s “Arraiá da Maria Bonita” event has been canceled due to health reasons

Video | Carmo’s “Arraiá da Maria Bonita” event has been canceled due to health reasons

The long-awaited event “Arraiá da Maria Bonita”, which was scheduled to be promoted on Saturday (22) at the entertainment headquarters of Grêmio Esportivo Carmelitano (GEC), has been cancelled. This was announced by Vadinho Souza, the organizer of the event, in a video posted on social media.

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The reason for the cancellation was the health of the other coordinator, who unfortunately contracted dengue fever. In his statement, Vadinho Sousa expressed his regret over what happened and stressed the importance of prioritizing the health and well-being of all concerned.

“With great regret, we inform you that due to a health problem with the other coordinator, who suffers from dengue fever, we have decided to cancel the “Arraiá da Maria Bonita” event. “We ask for everyone’s understanding and inform you that the invitations purchased will be refunded,” Vadinho announced in the video.

The organizers of “Arraiá da Maria Bonita” confirmed that they are already working on rescheduling the event and promised to inform the new date as soon as possible. GEC thanks the community for its understanding and support and wishes the affected coordinator a speedy recovery.

This cancellation highlights the importance of dengue prevention and the need for measures to combat the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits the disease. The community is encouraged to cooperate with health authorities to eliminate mosquito breeding sites and protect everyone’s health.

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