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Victim defrauded by fraudster and quitting profit after attempting to overthrow WhatsApp

Victim defrauded by fraudster and quitting profit after attempting to overthrow WhatsApp

A lot has been seen in recent months, Prof. A scam in which criminals are cloning WhatsApp Impersonation and requesting money from contacts.

And this is what happened to Jessica Bernardo last week. Upon entering the app, a user’s “friend” called to request the 980 BRL loaned via Pix.

But in this case, as the popular expression used to say: the bullet backfired.

When the fraudster approaches, Jessica said she will pass the amount, but that she will need a credit. In the end, she is left with another R $ 20 credit and the criminal with nothing.

Check out the entire conversation:

The case has had ramifications and has already collected more than 2,500 comments and 6,700 shares. “It’s me who wins ha ha ha,” Jessica also joked in the accompanying post to the prints.

Despite the unusual situation, this type of fraud is increasingly common on WhatsApp. The fraudster gets an account, either through some malware or even tricking the victim into passing the security code. Two-factor verificationThen, he begins to ask for money in exchange for the person’s frequent contacts.

To avoid falling into this type of fraud, you must first protect your WhatsApp by not clicking on suspicious links and not passing verification codes to anyone. Second, always be careful when transferring money to someone requesting the application. It is advisable to try to confirm the identity of the person by contacting them.

Experts also recommend that the user activate all security features, such as two-step authentication and email setup on the account.

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