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Veto against the type of AstraZeneca vaccine could block Brazilians' entry to Europe |  Scientist

Veto against the type of AstraZeneca vaccine could block Brazilians’ entry to Europe | Scientist

resolution European Medicines Agency (EMA) than not included coffeeshieldVaccine release AstraZeneca manufactured in India, in the list of approved fortifications of its digital certificate for travelers, has raised doubts about the entry of citizens of countries outside the bloc into the European Union. Brazilian Fucruz 4 million ready-made doses of Kofishield received out of 66 million doses of the immunizing agent AstraZeneca – exposing Brazilian citizens to travel difficulties in Europe

On Tuesday (29), when the agency announced its decision on the differences between Kofishield’s formula and the original AstraZeneca formula, the African Union criticized the measure, which it called “unfair”.

“The availability of the European certificate, with its ability to greatly facilitate free and secure trading in all EU member states and some associated states, is an important step forward,” the African entity said in a statement. “However, the current application guidelines jeopardize the fair treatment of people who have received certain versions of vaccines distributed by the European Union-backed Covax Consortium, like most African Union member states.”

The statement notes that Covax distributes Covishield, which was produced by the Serum Institute, but excluding EMA, “People who have received this vaccination, despite being able to demonstrate vaccination, will continue to be subject to public health restrictions, including movement restrictions and testing requirements, with” The administrative and financial implications are significant.

Brazil’s Fucruz has received 4 million ready-made doses of CoviShield out of 66 million doses of the fortifying agent AstraZeneca – Photo: André Az / Fiocruz

The AstraZeneca vaccine was developed in partnership with the University of Oxford and is produced, under license, by laboratories such as Indian Serum, South Korean Bioscience and Fiocruz itself.

Vaccination certificates in Brazil specify the brand, but not the origin of the immunizing agent being administered – potentially exposing everyone who received AstraZeneca vaccines to the effects of a European veto. So far, Vuecruz has not commented on the case.

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