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Venezuela demands return of stolen US embassy items

Venezuela demands return of stolen US embassy items

The president said the media belonged to Venezuela’s legitimate people and government, led by President Nicolas Maduro.

TeleSur – Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Felix Placencia on Wednesday demanded the withdrawal of diplomatic assets seized in Latin America in 2019 from the United States.

The Venezuelan diplomat urged the United States to instruct the relevant and responsible authorities regarding the rule of law in that country, such as embassies, embassy headquarters and our embassy headquarters in New York.

The officer recalled that these items had previously been enraged, invaded and stolen from Venezuela; Today they are being destroyed.

The Chancellor insisted that the assets be returned to the Venezuelan people and to the legitimate government of Venezuela, led by President Nicolas Maduro Moros.

Placencia urged Foreign Secretary Anthony Blingen to follow the example of the Bolivian government, which recently reclaimed a series of assets belonging to the Venezuelan diplomatic headquarters in the Andean country and was stolen by the misguided ruler Juan Quito. , And was sold when the current President Jeanine Áñez Andean was in charge of the country.

In this regard, the Chancellor thanked Bolivian President Louis Ars and praised the work of the Andean Police.

In addition to the Venezuelan embassy headquarters (residence, embassy and consulate), Venezuela is demanding the return of artifacts, documents and other confiscated property, such as government and Latin American property, to Washington.

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