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Vegan activists milking stores for a plant-based future

Vegan activists milking stores for a plant-based future

Activists Vegetarians Members of the Animal Rebellion protested at food stalls UK, last Saturday, the 15th, to protect a “plant-based future.” A group that poured milk on floors and other objects in establishments called this type of demonstration ‘milking’ or ‘milking’.

According to news portal UOL, videos of the protest at Harrods stores in West London, Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly and Waitrose in Edinburgh were posted by the group on social networks.

Another post, taken at a Marks and Spencer store in Manchester, featured a man challenging protesters: “A plant-based future? Take off your shoes. They’re not plant-based.”

Support for Producers

In a note to the British tabloid Daily Mail, Animal Rebellion announced it was defending a plant-based future. The British government should support agricultural producers to switch from meat consumption to a plant-based diet.

A plant-based future will be a beautiful world where we all thrive with nature and life. Actions to adequately support farmers in this transition should begin now,” the activist said. Skylar SharplesHe graduated from the University of Sussex in Bristol with a degree in International Development.

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