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Vega sends a message to Palmeiras after the surgery that ended his season: "I have no reason..."

Vega sends a message to Palmeiras after the surgery that ended his season: “I have no reason…”

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The midfielder who is considered one of the best Palmeiras players in recent years. Send a message to a fan after surgery

Marcello Zambrana / AGIF - Vega vs Palmeiras.
Marcello Zambrana / AGIF – Vega vs Palmeiras.

Which sparked the grief of its fans after two consecutive years, winning the title of best team in Latin America Palm trees It was removed early on Editors this year. But the bad news from Palmeiras didn’t stop there. That’s because midfielder Rafael Vega, who was not at his best with the team, He had to have surgery on his ankle.

With that said, the midfielder is supposed to miss the rest of the season. Palmeiras leads the Brazilian Championship by nine points, which is a big chapter, but with 12 rounds left, nothing specific. This Sunday (11), Vega expressed his first words after the surgery.

I have no reason to complain about anything in my life. Everything is an opportunity to grow and mature. God remains sovereign and good at all times. I appreciate every message I’ve received these days, all the care the Palmeiras staff have had with me and that’s it. Good head, positive thinking and nothing will stop me! I will cheer for those 12 finals still missing, this time, just as before, from the standsVeiga wrote on her Instagram.

Veiga has always seemed like a very dear person behind the scenes at Palmeiras and in recent days, it has been confirmed. After the match against Juventus, some of his teammates dedicated Verdau’s victory to the player Who was injured and angered the fans of the Sao Paulo team.

I want to dedicate this victory to VegaI know he was escorting him from the hospital, he had surgery. I hope that he is ok , That all is well. We hope he comes back as soon as possible to help us, I hope he recovers well and is in good health‘,” said midfielder Ze Rafael after the match.

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