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Vega reveals what it means to work with Deniz and bets on success in the national team

Vega reveals what it means to work with Deniz and bets on success in the national team

ESPN.com.brSeptember 6, 2023 at 21:44Reading: 6 minutes.

Rafael Vega comments on Deniz’s style: “Fun for us, butterflies for those who see it”

Midfielder press conference on Wednesday (6)

The “Deniz Era” officially begins on Brazilian national team Next Friday (7), in the duel vs BoliviaIn Belém, if many people are curious, what the team will look like under the coach FluminenseHe is someone who has known the coach for many years, and he is also very enthusiastic. Rafael Vega, soccer player from the United Kingdom Palm treesbut which was led by Fernando Diniz in Audax and in Atletico-PRdetailing what he knows about the professor.

“Deniz is a man who, as I have said in other interviews, would not sum up his involvement in my career on the field only. He is a man who was always interested in the person off the field, so that he could give.” “Results on the field He doesn’t need to comment on the field, he helps every player, but I will emphasize what he’s done for me off the field. Today I’m a better player and man thanks to him”. The athlete, at a news conference, began Brazil On the night of this Wednesday (6) quoting a The episode he told in a recent post on ESPN’s Bola da Vez.

“Funny story: when we were still at Atlético we quarreled about a position, normal, at training time. I got mad at him, he called me later that night saying he wanted to meet me, and I told him we’d talk.” One day, in training, he said we were supposed to meet, so I went to his house, looked for him, turned here and turned there, he took me to a psychiatrist, after that day I continued to do that and he was very good and important to me.”

“From what people saw at Sao Paulo, Atlético and Fluminense, they had a rule about how he plays. They know his way is with possession and a lot of movement. And they were curious about what Diniz was like as a player.” “Person. I think everyone is having fun. He was able to convey his idea, how he treats the group. He has everything to work on, he’s an exciting guy. Everyone will undoubtedly like his style of play as well as the human being. He’s running. I think that’s the desire he has to win.” With it, we can learn it from the lesson. Everybody will listen to him a lot, because he has a lot to teach. Here in selection there is this respect and humility, because, if he is here, because he has advantages. Everyone in the world would stop to hear his idea. It’s a new idea, and it’s hard to find a coach who thinks like it. He has very good ideas and everything to be a winner. He makes men, he doesn’t only think about results. This could be his greatest victory, seeing players who maybe, like me, worked there and helped get here with maturity.”

Rafael Vega training with the Brazilian national team in BelémVitor Silva/Brazil National Team

Vega also commented on the famous phrase “saidinha de bola” adopted by the coach. According to him, it looks more dangerous than it really is: “It’s fun because we keep the ball. Those who watch us seem to take risks, but they are very well trained. When I was at Atlético, he said that” it was “organised chaos”. People who are used to training and willing to go through it, in the game it’s kind of automatic, so it just comes out naturally.

Rafael Vega calls Diniz and Abel Ferreira “the best in Brazil” and says, “It’s easy to adapt”

Midfielder press conference on Wednesday (6)

Well acquainted with Deniz and who is coached by Abel Ferreira at Palmeiras, the midfielder ended up making a brief comparison with the work of the two, whom he described as “the best coaches in Brazil”.

“Abel and Deniz are two coaches, in my opinion, the best in Brazil, with slightly different ideas, but I adapted very easily when Abel arrived there. The question of becoming a key player is simple, I’ve been with Abel for three years. “Years, I know how to play, changes Denise, too. Of course, with Deniz we need some adjustments, in my case, to be in a pattern for three years, to come here and change a bit, but nothing too big because I already know him.

Brazil will play their first qualifying match against Bolivia next Friday, at 21:45 (Brasilian time), at the Manguerao Stadium in Belém, Pará, and then on Tuesday. PeruIt’s 11 pm in Lima.

Upcoming national team matches:

  • Bolivia (c) – 08/09, 21:45 (from Brasilia) – Qualifying

  • Peru (F) – 09/12, 23 hours (from Brasilia) – Qualifying

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