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Vasco will face River Plate in a friendly in the US this Tuesday  attention

Vasco will face River Plate in a friendly in the US this Tuesday attention

Vasco is doing pre-season in America and will play some friendlies during this period

| Photo: Daniel Ramalho/Vascotacama

In preparation for the 2023 season, Argentina’s Vasco and River Plate face each other in a friendly this Tuesday (17) at 9pm (Brasilia time) at the Exploria Stadium in Orlando, USA. This will be Cruz Maldino’s first game of the year with the first reinforcements of the SAF era.

Vasco had already made his debut in the Campeonato Carioca, but the club from Rio de Janeiro chose to start the competition with an alternate team and full of youngsters from the base. Vasco drew 0-0 with Madurera in the first round.

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Expectations are high for the crowd to see the team coached by first-time coach Maurizio Barbieri. Vasco took seven of his nine new signings to Florida, including Puma Rodriguez, Leo, Lucas Biden, Luca Orellano and Pedro Raul. Goalkeeper Ivan and defensive midfielder Zaire – the last announced reinforcements – are in the adaptation phase and should not take the field. Defender Robson Bambu and midfielder De Luca stayed in Rio de Janeiro.

During this period, Vasco da Gama faces River Plate (this Tuesday) and Inter Miami, next Saturday (21), at 1 pm (Brasilia time). Followers can get a feel for how the team will be drafted early on and get an idea of ​​how the players will perform. To follow this friendly match, Vasco fans can watch it on Star+, ESPN Brasil and CazéTV.

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On River Plate’s side, the team has been on American soil since the first week of January and has also played some friendlies to prepare for the 2023 season. During this period, River faced Monterrey from Mexico and Millenario from Colombia. . He won both. The match against Vasco will be the last in preparation before returning to Argentina.

Possible sequences

Coach Maurizio Barbieri has been doing some testing with the squad during pre-season training and the coach has a tendency to use most of the new reinforcements during friendlies. And with that, Vasco should take the field: Alexander, Bumita, Miranda, Leo, Biden, Zé Gabriel, Figueiredo, Gabriel Beck, Orellano and Pedro Raul.

On the River Plate’s side, the ‘Millionaires’ will have to go on the field with their key players, but the coach will also have to do other tests, as the Argentine team has played two friendlies before this Tuesday’s clash against Vasco. With that, the river should go to the field: Armani; Herrera, Maidana, Pires, Casco; Enzo Perez, Aleandro; Baradela, Nacho, Solari and Borja.