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Vasco team: Sarrafiore replaces Marquinhos Gabriel and saves and MT turns into full-back |  Vasco

Vasco team: Sarrafiore replaces Marquinhos Gabriel and saves and MT turns into full-back | Vasco

Vasco Goiás faces this Wednesday, at 7 pm, at the Estadio da Sirinha, in the eighth round of the Second Division, with a lot of changes. Due to wear and tear, Marquinhos Gabriel will be saved, and Sarrafiore replaces him. The center will have three steering wheels: Bruno Gomez returns from suspension and joins Andre and Gallarza. In goal, Vanderlei recovered from Covid-19, and after embezzling her in the last two games, he resumed the position.

MT will return to the role he played at Carioca and in large part in last Sunday’s 2-1 win over Brusque. It will run on the left side, as Zika and Riquelme, who lost close relatives over the weekend, have been released from the flight.

With that, the Vasco who will take Goias in her Serene will be as follows: Vanderlei, Leo Matos, Ernando, Leandro Castan and MT; Andre, Bruno Gomez, Galarza, Sarafiori; Morato and Kano.

Sarrafiore and MT participated in Vasco’s training at Atlético-GO’s CT – Photo: Rafael Ribeiro/Vasco

Up front, Morato and Kano continue to form the attacking duo. By the way, the afternoon of practice at Atlético-GO’s CT on Tuesday was, by the way, one of their reunions. Goalkeeper Fernando Miguel and defensive midfielder Willian Maranhao, a former Vasco player, crossed the field after activities ended and went to chat with his former teammates.

Atlético-GO player Fernando Miguel meets with Cano and Castan from Vasco again – Photo: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco

Vanderlei with Vasco in Goiânia – Photo: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco

Serafiori, who returned to play with Vasco last Sunday after spending four matches on the bench without being used, celebrated his comeback and analyzed the match with Esmeraldino.

– I was very happy to be back in play, and even more so with our team’s victory. The Brazilian championship is very tough and that’s why it’s always important to score points. The three points came at a good time, and gave more confidence to our team. Tomorrow’s match will be very difficult, because they are all in the Brazilian national team. Goiás has a good squad, he’s part of G4, but we’ve worked hard in the last few days and we’ve been strong to get those three points – said the 33rd jersey on the official website.

Midfielder Marquinhos Gabriel, like Zika, Riquelme and Romulo (in transition), remained in Rio de Janeiro.

Banner Vasco – Photo: Disclosure

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