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Vasco loses to Vitoria 3-0

Vasco loses to Vitoria 3-0

The worst moment in Vasco history saw massive doses of embarrassment on Wednesday. Cruz Maltino reached his fourth straight defeat – the fifth in a row without a win – after he managed a 3-0 win over Vitoria, in São Januaro. Bahia is still alive in the fight against relegation and the home team is plunged further into disgrace in the final stage of the Series B of the Brazilian Championship.

But already?

Wednesday’s match started as if last Sunday’s match had not ended. Frightened, Vasco missed a pass with MT on the left side of the attacking field, Leão built a counter-attack and Marcinho, from outside the area, hit Lucão’s upper left corner. Open the scoreboard with one minute of playing. And the melancholy mood became a horror movie.

Another embarrassment at home: Vasco loses to Vitoria 3-0

Photo: André Melo Andrade / Gazeta Press

passive pressure

Immediately, the pressure of the few in attendance turned against the home team – and the boos had been there since the warm-up. Even with slow passes, Cruz Maltino tried to respond. Andre was expelled from the area but sent. Nene and Kano forced Lucas Arcango to work … but the scoreboard and the insults of the fee-payers stopped.


The second stage started with hope for the home team. The fans decided to cheer, Fernando Diniz made a team change at halftime and there was patience from the stands, despite the team’s low productivity. The problem is that in a 23-minute corner, Talison pulled away from Walber and tested alone to extend the score.

do you want more?

But since everything bad can always get worse, Walber awarded David a penalty. Marcinho turned it 3-0 in the 32nd minute. Then yes: no less than a third of Vasco’s fans left and the atmosphere in the stadium became a funeral for the home team. And even more gig for visitors, surviving the fight against relegation.

data sheet

VASCO 0x3 Triumph

date/time: 10/11/2021, 9:30 p.m.

Sweetened: Sao Janorio, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Audience and income: 681 payers (689 gifts) / 13412.00 BRL

Rule: Cayo Max Augusto Vieira (RN)

Auxiliaries: Jean Marcio dos Santos (RN) and L’Oréval Candido das Flores (RN)

where: Pablo Ramon Gonçalves Pinheiro

yellow cards: Walber, Andrey Cano and Gabriel Beck (VAS); Eduardo, Fernando Neto (VIT)

red cards: he was not there.

Objectives: Marcinho (1’/1ºT and 32’2T) and Talison (23’/2ºT)


Lukau. Bruno Gomez, Wolper (Romulo, 37 min/2ºT), Leandro Castan and Riquelme; Bruno Gomes and Marquinhos Gabriel and MT (Morato, Interval; Gabriel Pec (Galarza, 37’/2ºT), Cano and Nene – idiomatic: Fernando Deniz.

win over

Lucas Arcango, Raul Prata, Talison Wallace, Roberto (Renan Lewis, 43 ft/2 min); Joao Pedro, Fabinho, Eduardo (Cedric, 19 ft/2ºT) and Fernando Neto (Suárez, 35 ft/2ºT); Marcinio (Alison Santos, 35min/2ºT) and David (Kake Souza, 43min/2ºT) – idiomatic: Wagner Lopez.

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