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Vanessa Camargo's children pose at Zilu's mansion in the US

Vanessa Camargo’s children pose at Zilu’s mansion in the US

Zilu Godoi appears in his mansion with his grandchildren and Vanessa Camargo

Singer Vanessa Camargo She spent good days with her two children in the mansion of the businesswoman Jilu Godoi. Like her sister, the actress Camila Camargo, the artist did not reunite with his mother for almost three years. To give you an idea, Jilu still doesn’t know her granddaughter Julia, who is one year and five months old.

However, between the end of August and the beginning of September, they managed to put an end to this enormous longing. Apart from walking around Orlando in the US, Vanessa Camargo Along with his sister, mother, children and nephews, they enjoyed their moments together.

Between one walk and another, the family gathers in the living room and plays together. Recently, with a nostalgic heart, Zilu recalled having fun with her daughters and grandchildren. “God, in His infinite goodness and love, made me a mother and a grandmother! Nothing I can write can describe this feeling, it overflows me with love and gratitude for my life!”, began the Tatting Patty.

The entrepreneur added: “My kids and grandkids are extensions of me… I can’t exist without them! Missing is my son Igor (arriving in the next few months)! Today, I wanted to thank God for the wonderful family He has blessed me with!!! Soon we will be together again! How great is my love for you.

After returning Vanessa Camargo For Brazil, Zilu still found his eldest grandchildren, the singer’s heirs. Eldest sons Jose Marcus, 10, and Joao Francisco, 8, were with their father, a businessman. Marcus Puis, visiting Grandma again in Orlando. She thanked her former son-in-law for the visit: “Soon we will be together again!!! I love you my love!”.

Zilu Godoi makes a cute statement with a photo of Wanessa Camargo and the kids visiting

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