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VALORANT: Nicolino talks about the charges and denies the harassment

VALORANT: Nicolino talks about the charges and denies the harassment

A little over a month later, Nicola”NikolinoBreaking the silence on accusations of having committing acts of harassment It was released to the public in early July. This Tuesday (3), narrator valuation He posted a note on his social networks where he commented on the issue and stated that “the positions raised are in parts, yes, true,” but he denies the allegations of harassment, stating that the parties were “interested and coherent.”

a Nicolino’s note It happened on the same day that Riot Games published a statement that the narrator will return to the VCT radio broadcast on Saturday after being removed, The decision was overturned Hours after the negative repercussions of the news and community protests.

Nicolino published in full

I would like to point out that in view of the recent event, I preferred to isolate myself, not just for the sake of a psychological and legal recommendation, but to understand the situation. (I) take this time for self-reflection, to understand everything that happened, and to bring my narrative firmly.

I want to emphasize here that the positions raised are, in part, yes, correct. I, living in a relationship, got involved online with other people. I admit that I flirted, talked, exchanged photos, revealed a problem in my relationship and something that was affecting me in different ways, looking outside of my relationship for a possible solution.

I know I was wrong and at no time have I failed, for those who were following me at this time, to say that I was wrong or did not know how to recognize it. The professional support I needed to look for, and I’m already doing, to try to somehow evolve with all of this.

back away, Nikolino He will no longer participate in VCT broadcasts scheduled for this weekend. The matches in which the narrator will participate will determine the final final classification of the Brazilian Final, a tournament that will award two places to the Berlin Masters.

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Nicolino was removed again on the same day the Riot Championships roster was announced. (Photo: Riot Games)

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