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VÁLIDO PARA TODOS OS BRASILEIROS NOS EUA E BRASIL: Associado do Sicoob Crediriodoce pode ganhar até R$ 1 milhão em vales-poupança

Valid for all Brazilians in the US and Brazil: Members of Sicoob Crediriodoc can earn up to R$ 1 million in savings vouchers

Sicoob Crediriodoc members now have a chance to win up to BRL 1 million from the editors…

From the editor

Members of Sicoob Crediriodoc now have the chance to win up to R$ 1 million in 2, 20 and 250 thousand Rais savings vouchers through the Prize Savings Promotion!

That’s right, a 16-week shake-up, a five-month shake-up, and two final shake-ups by the end of the year. Lucky numbers are generated in each net increment of R$200 and are calculated according to the Federal Lottery.

In the last investment campaign promoted by Sicoob, a total of 43 members of Creditriodos were drawn and three of them won a savings voucher worth R$ 10,000.00.

“In addition to participating in the results, helping regional development and saving money, Sicoob Crediriodoc members compete for prizes,” commented Siles Dias, Commercial Director.

How to participate

To participate in the promotion, the member must invest R$200 in savings. With every new deposit, the saver gets a lucky number.

Anyone outside the US or Brazil can open an account with Sicoobi. To open a savings account, download the application, but you must have proof of permanent address in Governor Valladares and nearby areas.

It is worth remembering that the lucky number is automatically canceled if the amount is withdrawn from savings. Interested parties can access the promotion terms www.sicoob.com.br/poupancapremiada🇧🇷

Learn more on our site: https://www.sicoob.com.br/web/sicoobcrediriodoc

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