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Valentina reveals that she will drag Belle to the booth

Valentina reveals that she will drag Belle to the booth

ValentinaAnd gui arugu NS MC Gui He spent early this morning talking about the prospects for the next right.farm 13 inches (RecordTV).

The person discloses that if he participates in flame retardant And he loses, there is already a pawn drawn into the booth: “If I go there, I know who I will be drawn to the booth.”

Gui Araujo agreed: “I have no doubts.” The assistant of the previous stage was a mystery: “You know me, who do you think?”

Farmer of the Week analyzed the situation: “Oh my God, if you lost the test and you could pull someone… Look, I don’t know if you’d pull Rico, because then you’d pull the vote option.”

Val revealed that he wouldn’t take Rico to the booth: “No, I’ll take him out of the house, it doesn’t matter” and Araujo nodded: “So, that’s what I think too, you know?” .

MC Gui asked, “Are you pulling someone will pull Riku?” The previous stage assistant explained her strategy:

I’d like to pull Bill.

Valentina Francavilla

Former participant in On vacation with ex He agreed with the decision: “That’s what I was going to say, maybe you’ll push Bill, because the one who gets the most votes will push. And that’s what I’ll do in your place too.”

Funkeiro said he would also drag Bell to the booth: “I want to go to the competition, if I lose, I’ll drag Bell.”

Earlier, Valentina questioned Gui Araujo if Cannot be recommended by him for the farm, and Farmer of the Week said yes, but the decision depends on other factors.