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Valentina dominates Jessica Patti Istaca, wins and maintains the UFC 261 belt

Valentina dominates Jessica Patti Istaca, wins and maintains the UFC 261 belt

V. Shevchenko defeated J. Bate-Estaca and kept the fly belt in UFC 261. Photo: Play / Instagram

It didn’t work for Brazil. In the first row about the belt UFC 261Held this Saturday (24), in Jacksonville (USA), Valentina Shevchenko He imposed favoritism and was not given an opportunity for that Jessica Andrade, And Bate-Stake. With a dominant performance, the Kyrgyz woman did not give Parana chances and left the octagon by knockout in the second round, preserving the title of Flies (up to 56.7 kg).

Valentina was a bookmaker favorite, and once again proved to be a complete athlete. The champ took advantage of the escalating fight, pressing the Brazilian from start to finish, causing her opponent to fall repeatedly.

As a result, the Kyrgyz woman won her fifth defense. Since I got down to the flies, the athlete didn’t know what to lose. Triumph extends the athlete’s dominance in the group.

After hitting the main card, Bate-Estaca dreamed of winning his second title in the deferred organization. A former straw champion (up to 52.1 kg), paranoia could join a select group of athletes who won two titles in the company.


The confrontation began with Valentina taking the lead with a low kick. Jessica nodded, and stopped at the champion’s keeper. Shevchenko touched the Brazilian’s face with a mixture of punches. The stakeholders tried to reach the Kyrgyz woman, but the hero was vigil. A little over a minute later, Valentina grabbed the Brazilian and took the duel to the ground. Andrade got up quickly, but the champ was still “sticking” to the opponent’s back. Stakeholders manage to break free, but get a high kick from the opponent. Shevchenko took advantage of the greater range and touched the Paraná woman more easily. Jessica tried to pressure her opponent against the bars, but the champ once again dropped the Brazilian. On Andrade’s back, the hero sought suffocation, but the Brazilian defended herself well. The hero kept pressing and leaving no space for Bate-Estaca. In the final seconds, Shevchenko dropped the opponent again, but there was no time left.

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In the second stage, Jessica kept trying to shorten the distance. The Brazilian sought to be terminated, but ended up in a counterattack. Above, the hero pressed Parana, who was unable to respond. Much of the race showed, Bate-Estaca stood and the duel began to be played on the grid. Valentina behaved safely, taking the Brazilian back to the ground. In a privileged position, Shevchenko blocked the Brazilian’s arm and began punishing the Brazilian’s face. Andrade tried to defend himself, but the confrontation ceased.

UFC 261 results

The primary card

Average Weight: Camaro Usman Defeated Jorge Masvidal Knockout 1m02s from R2 – fight for the belt

Straw Weight: Rose Namajunas He defeated Zhang Weili by knockout in 1m18s from R1 – fought for the belt

Fly Weight: Valentina Shevchenko Defeated Jessica Steak Technical knockout of the 3m19s of the R2 – fought for the belt

Average Weight: Uria Hall Defeated Chris Weidman Technical knockout in 17 seconds. From R1

Light Heavy Weight: Anthony Smith Defeated Jimmy Crot 5 m technical knockout from R1

Initial card

Average Weight: Randy Brown Been completed Alex Cowboy With a throttle of 2m50s from the R1

Average Weight: Dwight Grant Defeated Stefan Seculik In the separate chapter of judges (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Average Weight: Brendan Allen Been completed Carl Roberson With a heel wrench 4m 55s from R1

Featherweight: defeated Pat Sabatini Tristan Connelly In the unanimous decision of the judges (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Gall weight: Dana Baghiril Defeated Kevin Natividad Technical knockout in 50 seconds. From R1

Lightweight: Casula Vargas Rongzhu was defeated by unanimous decision of the judges (29-28, 30-26, 29-28)

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Fly Weight: Jeff Molina Defeated Auricleing In the unanimous decision of the judges (29-28, 29-27, 29-28)

Straw Weight: Ariane Smile Defeated Na Liang Technical knockout 1 m 28 sec of R2