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Vaccinate with AstraZeneca find?  science term?  to do

Vaccinate with AstraZeneca find? science term? to do

On the day those vaccinated with AstraZeneca could receive their long-awaited second dose – with the launch of Pfizer’s immunization agent app – a new measure caused insecurity for those who sought immunization centers in São Paulo. It was required to sign the term “Science of Mutualism”.

The text of the term states that the person receives a second dose of the vaccine that differs from the first dose and ends by saying that the patient receives the immunizing agent “after conducting a risk-benefit assessment of moving forward with vaccination against COVID-19”.

hear the vaccination UOL They reported that they were not informed in advance of the term and that they felt unsafe when signing it.

“We are already afraid of the reaction. He is afraid to take a [de um laboratório] Then take another [de outro laboratório]. We don’t know if it is safe. I don’t think I’ll need [do termo de ciência]. If they give, there is no need to compromise. Restaurant manager, Antonio Donizete Ribeiro, 52, who has been vaccinated for UBS Dr. Humberto Pa, in Santa Cecilia, in the center of São Paulo

Antonio Santos de Sousa, 54, thinks it’s weird, too. “I feel good and happy to get the vaccine,” he said. “But the responsibility is on them. But we had to sign.”

For Vivian de Carvalho Ferreira, 35, the feeling was, first, a sense of relief having done her “homework”. “I became safer because I looked and saw in some studies that it was better, and I became safer,” he said.

fact, Vaccine dose exchange between AstraZeneca and Pfizer has been approved by the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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but She claims that the inconvenience of having to sign an unexpected document was inevitable.

I was supposed to take [a vacina] On the eleventh I tried some gas stations, but the feeling was a little better when I knew I was going to be able to take the Pfizer. I think it’s not our responsibility, it’s theirs. But, well, it’s better to sign and receive than to go without [vacina]”
Vivian de Carvalho Ferreira, on the signature of the term flag

Sep 13, 2020 – “Scientific term” form sent by the government of São Paulo to municipalities to apply a second dose of Pfizer in those fortified with AstraZeneca

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The obligation to sign the flag term is a rule in the health units of the city of São Paulo, although UOL After hearing at least two people claim that they did not sign any document.

The municipality of São Paulo and the state government do not agree on the duty to sign the term. The government of São Paulo stated in the article that “the said document is not mandatory, and municipalities are allowed to use it. It is a scientific term and, as the name says, it is intended to inform the citizen of the immunization strategy of the possibility of exchange.”

On the other hand, by UOLThe municipal health minister, Edson Aparecido, refuted the government, saying that the measure was set by the state and that there had been a change of situation by the João Doria government’s health team (PSDB).

“We put the term flag after defining the state immunization program (PEI). The state decided this had to happen. The instructions came with that commitment, and our instructions were that way too,” he said.

NS UOL They got access to directives from the state government to the municipalities. In it, the state government wrote: “Exceptional and emergency interchanges are only permitted for people who are scheduled for a second dose between September 1 and 15, so people who have had the first dose with AstraZeneca immune can get their full vaccination schedule with the use of the vaccine from the manufacturer Pfizer.” , taking into account the interval between doses of 12 weeks, by signing an acknowledgment term.

Once again, the Ministry of Health has upheld that this is not a mandatory measure and that the instructions will be updated.

“The Epidemiological Surveillance Center makes it clear that the above document is not mandatory. It is a scientific term and, as the name says, aims to inform the citizen about the immunization strategy with the possibility of interchange. In any case, it will be published. Update a technical report to facilitate the understanding of managers.”

Despite the complicated situation, the city celebrates vaccination with an exchange of doses. Pfizer’s vaccinators arrived at health facilities in a hurry at about 3 p.m. Within four hours of vaccination, in the capital, 49,162 people were vaccinated, according to the municipal administration.