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The Dean of Research at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Propesq/UFSC) issued The final result From the 2021 Women in Science Prize. For Propesq, awarding the prize symbolizes appreciation for women scientists who need to overcome invisibility on a daily basis. Jury report and final result are available Here.

The Women in Science Prize 2021 was established with the aim of honoring women scientists and encouraging equal participation of females in academic research. Below is the list of the honored researchers:

Beginner class

Life Sciences: Ione Jayce Ceola Schneider (Department of Health Sciences, Araranguá Campus)

Humanities: Marilia de Nardin Bodo (Department of Law, Center for Legal Sciences)

Earth and Precision Sciences: Christian Fernandez Horn (Department of Chemistry, Center for Physical and Mathematical Sciences)

whole class

Life Sciences: Maria José Hotzel (Department of Animal Science and Rural Development, Agricultural Science Center)

Humanities: Daniela Karen Ramos (Department of Teaching Curriculum, Center for Education Sciences)

Geosciences and Precision: Lucilla Maria de Sousa Campos (Department of Production and Systems Engineering, Technological Centre)

Senior class

Life Sciences: Ana Lucia Severo Rodrigues (Department of Biochemistry, Center for Biological Sciences)

Humanities: Christina Shipwolf (Department of History, Center for Philosophy and the Humanities)

Geosciences and Precision: Regina de Fatima Peralta Muniz Moreira (Department of Chemical and Food Engineering, Technological Centre)

More information at page of the award.

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