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Using the 0303 prefix will allow all telemarketing calls to be blocked - 03/11/2022 - Daily Life

Using the 0303 prefix will allow all telemarketing calls to be blocked – 03/11/2022 – Daily Life

The Implement code 0303 as a prefix for numbers that make telemarketing calls It will allow the consumer to block all calls of this type at once.

According to Vinicius Karam, supervisor of grants and resources for the provision of Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), the rule, which allows easy identification of calls made by telemarketing companies, will also allow for blocking requests in a practical way.

“It would be a choice for the consumer, they can do that for those apps that have the option to block a certain prefix or communicate with the operator that they don’t want to receive any further calls to numbers starting with 0303,” Karam says.

The moderator also explains that the rule that went into effect on Thursday (10) means that each company is identified by Just start number 0303, although it contains hundreds of phone resources or accessories. Thus, when requesting to block this phone, all extensions of the company will be blocked.

“Today you have telemarketing companies with thousands of numbering resources. They call you to sell a product, and you decline and block it. Then they call from another number and You end up blocking 999 numbers from the same company. What we have decided is to put an end to this situation, and to enable the consumer to be able to decide who wants to receive calls, who wants to block them or even if they want to make a general ban,” Karam said.

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At this first moment, the rule applies only to calls made from mobile numbers, but it will also be mandatory for landline numbers from June 10.

The Anatel It states that at least 80 companies are already ready for the change and will put the new number into use as of Friday (11).

The agency tells telemarketers to make an effort to adapt to the new rule and issues an alert.

“From June 10, anyone who does not have prefixed calls will be subject to administrative action and even fines,” says Gustavo Borges, Anatel’s commitments supervisor.

The new rule applies to all companies that practice so-called “active telemarketing”, that is, that carry out the offering of products or services through phone calls or messages. However, companies requesting donations and fees will not have to use the code.