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USA: The 5 meter crocodile had two historical objects in its stomach

USA: The 5 meter crocodile had two historical objects in its stomach

In early September, an American meat and crocodile skin processing company discovered prehistoric artifacts in the stomachs of a large reptile. Shane Smith, owner of the Red Antler Process, Yahoo City, Mississippi (USA), while cleaning a five-meter crocodile’s stomach, found some items he simply could not identify, the American broadcaster reveals. CNN.

He later discovered that both pieces were Native American artifacts dating back thousands of years. “My first instinct was … ‘This is not possible.’ You think the crocodile ate an animal killed by an Indian or a native, but you know, the crocodile is not thousands of years old, ‚ÄĚSmith told the Network.

It had the tip of a giant reptile hunting spear and a boulder that looked like a fishing bait. According to geologist James Starnes, CNN interviewed him, looking at photos of the artifacts and researching Native American artifacts found in the Mississippi River Delta, he described a metal teardrop-shaped object as a plumb pop. “Atlatl” dart tip used in unknown use and hunting.

“They are native to Native Americans, especially in Mississippi, probably more than 12,000 years old. They may have carried this technology,” Starns commented to the broadcaster.

Interestingly, this material is made of hematite, which is an “exotic” substance that James Starnes says may have come as far as the Great Lakes area on the US-Canada border. CNN. Therefore, the American geologist says that it is impractical to use a common “decorated” object such as fishing.