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US prepares new rules to ban investments in China – News

US prepares new rules to ban investments in China – News

US President Joe Biden’s administration is preparing a new plan that could ban US investment in certain sectors in China. The calculation was made from the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

It is a new step to protect US technological advantages amid a growing dispute between the world’s two largest economies. Both countries have been experiencing geopolitical tensions that have come and gone since at least 2017.

Government bodies have sent reports to the country’s representatives and senators. In the speech, the departments said they are considering a new regulatory framework to deal with U.S. investment abroad in advanced technologies that could pose a risk to national security.

The documents say Biden may ban certain investments while gathering information about other financial investments to inform future actions.

The reports did not identify specific technology sectors that the Biden administration sees as dangerous. But branches that could improve the military capabilities of competitors would be central to the plan, they say.

Those familiar with the project believe private equity and venture capital investments in advanced semiconductor vehicles, quantum computing, and some forms of this new program will work. Artificial intelligence.

The authorities aim to prevent US investors from providing funding and expertise to Chinese companies. This could improve the speed and accuracy of military decisions in a country led by dictator Xi Jinping.

However, documents sent to lawmakers say it will focus on “preventing the exploitation of U.S. capital and expertise that threatens national security without imposing an undue burden on U.S. investors and companies.”

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The reports also did not identify which countries would fall under the new rules. However, those involved believe they are American investments in China.

US officials also indicated that they expect to finalize a policy on the matter in the near future.

America x China

Recent clashes between Beijing and Washington over national security issues, geopolitical differences, Balloon shooting and reconnaissance.

Since the 2010s, China has established itself as the world’s second largest economy. The top spot still belongs to the US.

In this case, trade relations between the two countries have strengthened. However, there has been a technological and economic dispute between the two countries over the past few years.

During the presidency of Republican Donald Trump, many sanctions and measures were taken against the Chinese economy. With Democrat Joe Biden, relations between the two countries have become milder, even in speech. However, there are still problems.

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