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US plane with 823 passengers on board from Afghanistan – International

The Pentagon said on Friday that a U.S. military plane carrying 823 passengers had crashed into the plane after the Taliban ‘s arrival in Kabul.

An initial estimate of 640 Afghans escaping while sitting on the hard ground of the giant C-17 Globemaster III – which was already more than twice the capacity of the aircraft – was explained by the U.S. military aircraft command.

The initial calculation was made using a special number of seats in the buses, except for all the children who took passengers to the C-17 and sat on the lap of the adults, he explained on Twitter.

Finally, the flight to Qatar carried 823 Afghan civilians safely from Hamid Karzai Airport on August 15, 2021, reflecting the record for this flight, the Pentagon said in a statement.

It was not immediately clear how many crew members were on board.

According to the Defense One newspaper, pressure on Afghanistan to leave the country on Sunday led the crew to decide to fly without registering passengers.

“We have a risk to the lives of women and children and people. It’s not about capacity or rules and regulations, it’s about the training and guidance we can follow to ensure the safe and secure disposal of many people.

These aircraft are usually used to carry heavy equipment or a few hundred soldiers and heavy packs with their own weapons and belongings.

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