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US, Moldova aid plan to give Ukraine $10 billion – Money Times

“These funds will help keep schools open, hospitals’ generators running and homes and shelters warm across Ukraine,” said Foreign Secretary Antony Blinken (Image: Petr David Josek/Pool via REUTERS)

you to us On Friday they announced they would send about $10 billion in new financial aid Ukraineincluding $250 million to upgrade the country’s energy infrastructure in the face of Russian attacks.

A Reuters Money earmarked for Ukraine’s power grid and a plan to provide $300 million to Moldova — according to a draft document — were exclusively reported earlier on Friday, in part to help the capital end Chisinau’s energy dependence. Russia.

“These funds will help keep schools open, hospitals’ power generators running, and homes and shelters warm across Ukraine,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said of the money earmarked for Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

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He said $9.9 billion in funds will also be released to Ukraine through public spending to strengthen the World Bank’s administrative capacity.

“This funding is critical for Ukraine as the country defends itself against Russia and ensures that the Ukrainian government can continue to address the critical needs of its citizens, including health, education and emergency services,” Blinken said.

The $300 million for Moldova includes $80 million in budget support to cover higher energy prices, $135 million for power generation projects and $85 million to improve the country’s ability to obtain energy supplies from alternative sources.

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