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US, Japan and UK skeptical of meeting Bolsonaro

Representatives of some of the major foreign embassies in Brasilia, such as the US, UK, Japan and Russia, have yet to confirm their presence at the meeting with Jair Bolsonaro this Monday, the 18th. The event was convened by the President. Discuss Brazilian electronic voting machines. . Bolsonaro wants to present his never-proven thesis of fraud in the 2014 and 2018 elections to diplomats.

As for the US, a decision has not yet been made on whether to participate or not. The embassy’s current head, Charge d’Affaires Douglas Koneff, left Brasilia. He will return to the federal capital only on Monday morning when he will have to decide on the matter. A meeting with Bolsonaro is scheduled for the afternoon.

Announcing the “live” meeting on Thursday the 7th of last week, Bolsonaro said he would meet with “fifty ambassadors or more”.

Apart from foreign representatives, the presidents of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the High Electoral Court (TSE) will not attend the meeting organized by President Jair Bolsonaro with foreign diplomats in Brazil this Monday.

In this meeting, the President will present to the foreigners a report on the so far unproven fraud in electronic voting machines. In a letter sent to the Planaldo Palace, the TSE’s president, Minister Edson Fachin, said his “obligation of impartiality” prevented him from attending the meeting. Luis Fux, head of the STF, will leave Brasilia and return to the capital on Tuesday.

In addition to Fux and Fachin, Bolsonaro also invited Minister Emmanuel Pereira, president of the Supreme Labor Court (TST), to a meeting with foreign dignitaries; and Ana Ares, president of the Federal Court of Audit (TCU) — the latter a congressional advisory panel and not part of the Judiciary. Only Perera confirmed his presence.

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