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US investors will have 6 times more cryptocurrency returns than UK investors in 2021

US investors will have 6 times more cryptocurrency returns than UK investors in 2021

Cryptocurrency investors in the United States have seen cryptocurrency gains six times higher than the United Kingdom as a whole, making it the second highest country in terms of perceived returns.

Cryptocurrency investors in the United States, according to a report by Chineseology Compiled Achieved a record $ 46.9 billion in 2021, leading the rest of the world by a wide margin. The United Kingdom is next to the United States with $ 8.1 billion and Germany with $ 5.8 billion.

Total Revenue From Cryptocurrencies 2021: Chineseization.

The report comes as global cryptocurrency adoption continues to gain widespread momentum. The United States has seen a massive increase in adoption and perceived gains, with gross estimated revenue for 2021 increasing by 476% from $ 8.1 billion in the previous year.

Special notes were given to countries that surpassed their “traditional” economic rankings. Although Turkey ranks 11th globally in GDP, the country ranks sixth when it comes to realizing cryptocurrency gains.

China is one of the only major countries that does not see huge profits like other countries. In 2021, China’s total cryptocurrency revenue was $ 5.1 billion, up from $ 1.7 billion in 2020, equivalent to 194% year-on-year growth rate. However, this is an even more impressive development in view of the comprehensive cryptocurrency restrictions that will be gradually enacted in China in 2021.

However, China’s results are even more bleak than other countries, such as the UK and Germany, which saw increases of 431% and 423% last year.

Another notable trend was the increase in total Ether (ETH) revenue, which attracted a total of $ 76.3 billion to ETH investors worldwide, surpassing Bitcoin (BTC) as the highest-grossing cryptocurrency in 2021. However, Bitcoin investors performed even better. , The global cryptocurrency investment community has $ 74.7 billion in profits by 2021.

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