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US imposes sanctions on Iran for human rights abuses – International

The United States on Tuesday (July 7) imposed further selective sanctions on a dozen senior Iranian officials and organizations for “blatant human rights abuses” in Iran.

According to the US Treasury, these measures are, above all, targeting special units of the Security Forces (LEF) or Counter-Terrorism (NPO) security forces due to the repression of protesters.

They are accused of committing or ordering serious human rights abuses “in the name of the Iranian government” against the people of Iran or Iranian citizens or residents or their families, “he added.

Senior officials include Hassan Karami, commander of the LEF Special Forces, and Mohsen Ibrahimi, commander of the NOPO.

Sanctions target Iranian prisons Sahedon and Isfahan because, according to US officials, prisoners are being hanged inside them.

Andrea Khaki, director of the Office of Foreign Property Control (OFAC), said the U.S. Treasury would “continue to fight against dictatorship” and “hold all individuals accountable for the violent repression of those who seek to exercise their human rights and fundamental freedoms.” , In the statement.

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