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US formalizes new rules on privacy on data sharing with Europe

US formalizes new rules on privacy on data sharing with Europe

The Biden administration has officially implemented a new protection framework for the privacy of personal data shared between the United States and Europe. The so-called Privacy Shield 2.0 is the answer from North Americans to the Europeans who removed the previous version of the framework in 2020.


At the time, the European Union said the United States had a much stronger ability to track personal data from the old continent than was replaced by the system. Now, the new framework aims to alleviate those concerns, including the surveillance capabilities of US intelligence agencies.

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According to the Biden administration, the new rules guarantee data collection activities carried out by the nation’s intelligence agencies must be done only when necessary and proportionate. Additionally, a two-step repair method is implemented. First, it goes through an intelligence monitoring team. and then by a court of independent judges from outside the US government.

The EU must assess whether the new data protection measures are sufficient to restore the mechanism for the exchange of information between the parties.

The executive order signed by Biden was welcomed by companies such as the US Chamber of Commerce and Microsoft. But critics such as digital rights activist group Access Now and European consumer protection groups said there was nothing to show people’s rights were being adequately protected.

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