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US Election: “The debate is now who will be Kamala Harris’s running mate,” says political analyst

US Election: “The debate is now who will be Kamala Harris’s running mate,” says political analyst

to Elections to us to us were the subject of debate in Express Power This Wednesday (3). With Donald Trump Extends the advantage over current President Joe Biden Pressure is mounting for Biden to drop out of the race in favor of his running mate, especially after the Democrats’ “disastrous” turnout in the polls, especially in the last debate. Kamala Harris.

+ Trump surges among registered voters, appears ahead of Biden, NY Times poll says

“On July 4, there won’t be any big announcement until the end of next week, but because of the pressure on all sides, I believe that Biden will not be until the end of the campaign”, observes Arik Wierson, political analyst.

Research conducted by CNN and the New York Times found that the margin for Trump increased from 3% to 6% after the debate. And, Wierson reports, “75% of independent voters believe Biden should give up because he can’t be president for another four years”.

In this scenario, it is more likely that his vice-president, Kamala Harris, will run for Biden’s place. “Behind the scenes, the discussion about this is already very advanced, and the topic at this point is who will be Harris’ running mate,” Wierson says, adding that in polls, the gap between Trump and Kamala is significantly smaller than Trump’s. And Biden, a Republican, still leads in both scenarios.

Michael Obama

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, only former President Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama, would defeat Trump in the presidential election, with 39% of the vote for the Republican Party and 50%. Despite this, Wierson believes Michael’s candidacy is unlikely at this time.

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“Time is running out, so there’s not much we can do now. I think it’s 99% impossible for Michelle to get into politics if we call someone who’s never shown interest and convince her. Apart from Kamala, the strongest name is Gavin Newsom (the current governor of California). However, due to the rules, both of them are in California. He couldn’t be on the same ticket with Kamala Harris because they belong,” he explained.