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Tribunal dos EUA extradita lavador de criptomoedas

US court extradites cryptocurrency fraudster Investing.com

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Investing.com – The U.S. government extradited Denis Mikhalov Dubnikov from the Netherlands. The latter is suspected of embezzling money in cryptocurrencies and faces up to 20 years in prison. In fact, the US is taking big steps to crack down on criminal activity in the cryptocurrency space.

Denis Mikhalov Dubnikov, a 29-year-old Russian, was subpoenaed in federal court in Portland for ransom fraud in connection with the Ryuk ransomware attacks. Dubnikov is responsible for embezzling $400,000 in ransomware payments in 2019.

“After receiving the ransom, Ryuk, Dubnikov and their co-conspirators and others involved in the organization allegedly engaged in various financial transactions to conceal the nature, source, location, ownership and ownership of the ransom, including international financial transactions”.

Ryuk is a ransomware that emerged in 2018 that encrypts data on infected devices and offers targets to pay a ransom to recover the data. The Justice Department estimates it has been responsible for more than $70 million in theft since its publication.

The Dubnikov case has seen the US government take a more aggressive approach to cracking down on criminal activity in the area of ​​digital assets. Along these lines, last week the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control gave Tornado Money a go. The combination joins a blacklist that also includes Blender, although its ban is notable because OFAC allowed only the smart contract code rather than a list of associated addresses.

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