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US congressman of Brazilian descent stole $3,000 that would have saved a dog’s life ArchDaily

George Santos Representative of the Republican Party of Brazilian origincontinues to investigate his life after assurances that he lied in The CV used in the campaign To be a representative of the state of New York in the legislative elections last year.

The latest controversy surfaced on Tuesday (17), following a report by Patch Gate. US Navy veteran Richard Osthoff revealed that in 2016, Santos stole more than $3,000, which would be used to pay for the removal of a tumor in the stomach of Sapphire, a female bull.

Oshoff says a veterinarian took pity on his situation and referred Pet Friends United to help him raise the money and save the animal’s life.

The person in charge of the project would be Santos, who at the time used the name Anthony Devolder. Ustov claims that the amount needed to operate on the faithful companion was raised, but the Brazilian deleted the campaign from the fundraising platform and disappeared with all the money.

The veteran suffers from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and receives a pension from the US government. However, the amount he charges was not enough to pay for the procedure. Without surgery, Sapphire could not resist and died months after the coup.

Such was the lack of money that the owner of the dog could not afford to have Sfira cremated or buried. “I had to beg,” Osthoff said. “It was one of the most humiliating things I’ve ever had to do.”

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