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US closes border bridge after Haitians - News

US closes border bridge after Haitians – News

The U.S. government closed the border bridge connecting Del Rio in the state of Texas this Friday Ciudad Aguana, not Mexico, Under it was created a makeshift camp for about 12,000 illegal immigrants, mostly Haitians.

The United States also closed the second border bridge on the outskirts of the city.

“The temporary closure is necessary to respond to the urgent need for security and security provided by the arrival of immigrants to Del Rio,” the corporation said.

Washington generally ordered all traffic crossing these two bridges to cross the border at Eagle Pass, about 100 kilometers from Del Rio and from the Mexican city of Beatrice Necros.

12,000 illegal immigrants have been detained by U.S. authorities in a makeshift camp under a bridge in Del Rio.

Many immigrants have entered the United States irregularly through that border since Tuesday, putting a heavy burden on advanced immigration officials at the camp when processing asylum applications.

Conditions threatening to create a new humanitarian emergency where migrants sleep in the open and do not have basic services.

Republican opposition to the country’s president, Joe Biden, blamed the president for the border situation this Friday.

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