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US Border Patrol arrested 183 Brazilians who entered the country in the last 5 days.  the world

US border patrol arrests 183 Brazilians who entered the country in the last 5 days | Globalism

border agents United State It arrested 224 people in two groups that entered the country near Imperial Beach, California. The majority (183) were Brazilians, according to US Customs and Border Protection.

After the Brazilians, Romanians and Colombians were the most common nationalities among the detainees (8 each). People have entered the United States illegally in the past five days.

The first group included 123 people (the largest in a year so far) and was arrested on Saturday. Immigrants crossed the border into an area where there is a wall separating the United States from the United States Mexico I have been damaged.

The second group, 101, was arrested on Tuesday after crossing a drain pipe on the international border near Imperial Beach. According to the authorities, the smugglers cut the bars of the drainpipe with a blowtorch for people to pass through.

Of the 224 immigrants, 167 were adults alone, and 57 were accompanied by family members.

“I am proud of the efforts our customers make every day to continue to secure the border, especially given the increase in border encounters over the past two years,” said Aaron Hiteke, San Diego’s chief patrol officer.

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