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US bans opposition from Cuban authorities for ‘violent repression’ – international

The United States granted permission to three top Cuban officials on Thursday (19) in a fourth round of executions against members of the island’s government in response to the “violent repression” of the July 11 protests, the Treasury Department said.

Roberto Legra and Anders Loreno Gonzalez, the Revolutionary Armed Forces Ministry (Minfor), and the Interior Ministry (Minint) Abelardo Jimenez were added to the treasury list. As a result, all of its assets in the United States were frozen, and transactions with U.S. citizens or companies were banned.

Legra Deputy Chief of Staff and the Directorate General of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), which mobilized the Army’s Prevention Forces (DTP) during the protests. Gonzalez, commander of the Central Army, and Jimnes, director of prisons in Cuba.

President Joe Biden has warned Havana that there will be more sanctions “unless there are some drastic changes in Cuba.”

On July 22, the United States launched its first series of sanctions “against the peace and the suppression of pre-democratic struggles in Cuba.” .

On July 30, Washington used financial action against the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) and its top officials: Director, Oscar Colleges and Deputy Director Eddie Sierra.

The third round was on August 13 against the DTP, also known as the “Red Freds”, against Minnett’s political director, Romerigo Vidal Sodomier, and PNR’s political director, Pedro Orlando Martą®©nez.

On July 11 and 12, thousands of people took to the streets of Cuba to demand an end to the “dictatorship” amid decades of devastating economic crisis and waves of Govt epidemics and deaths.

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Unprecedented after the revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power in 1959, one person was killed and dozens injured in the fighting. Hundreds of people were arrested.

Washington has called for the release of protesters as it seeks to find ways to ensure Internet access for the Cuban people.