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US Army, Brazilian son goes to Afghanistan - News

US Army, Brazilian son goes to Afghanistan – News

The reinforcement of US troops sent back from Afghanistan for military protection counts the presence of a soldier born to a Brazilian mother. Gustavo Vilalpa assisted in this mission earlier this week with the Asian nation, along with other U.S. Air Force veterans.

Cynthia Rabia, mother of Minas Gerais, spoke with Journal of Record He also said he was celebrating his 27th birthday when he was invited to rush to the site in New Jersey and on board.

“He went to pack his things to go out and in 20 minutes he said he should be at the base. If he took two underwear and his uniform, it would be too much,” he said.

Shortly afterwards, Gustavo posted a message in English on his Instagram profile: “Going to Afghanistan. Keep us in your prayers. Things are not going well there.”

Gustavo, who joined the Air Force 5 years ago, is now part of an elite group in that company. He is part of the 4,000 troops who left Afghanistan to ensure the safety of soldiers, diplomats and civilians leaving the country.

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