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US Announces New $675 Million Aid Package For Ukraine – News

Berlin, Sep 8 (EFE).- US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced on Thursday that the US will allocate a new military aid package worth US$675 million to Ukraine.

A member of the US government made the announcement at the start of a meeting with representatives of 50 allied nations at the US base in Ramstein, Germany.

Austin explained that the package being sent included missiles, artillery shells, and armored vehicles, and was themed around the possibility of increasing military aid to Ukraine.

Austin guaranteed that the successes of the international community’s efforts to support Ukraine were beginning to be seen ‘on the front’ and suggested that new aid should be evaluated to defeat Russia.

The meeting at Ramstein, the largest US military base outside the country’s borders, is a repeat of a meeting held in April by the so-called pro-Ukraine contact group.

Ministers and high-ranking military personnel from 50 countries and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg attended the meeting.

Yesterday, the European Union proposed an additional 5 billion euros (R$ 25.8 billion) in financial aid to Ukraine to meet the most urgent needs arising from the Russian invasion and to maintain critical state functions. EFE

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