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Tropas americanas estão presentes em países-membros da Otan na Europa

US announces military exercises with allies in Eastern Europe – News

Department of Defense To us With 13,000 participants from 13 countries, the country’s forces in Europe and Africa announced on Wednesday (23) that they would begin military exercises with allies later this month.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told a news conference that the exercises, known as “Saber Strike 22”, would last until March and had been scheduled for some time.

“They take place in the winter to demonstrate the ability to operate in harsh conditions,” Kirby said, noting the location of the maneuvers.

According to the website of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)The exercises were originally scheduled to take place from January 24 to April 1 in various countries, including Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Kirby added that the exercises would help show that US forces in Europe can support current operations, while undermining support for NATO and its allies, while conducting pre-planned exercises.

These exercises coincide with increased international tensions since Russia recognized the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics in eastern Ukraine and authorized the deployment of troops to the Donbass region, where both are located.

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